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8/ Fav Woohyun moment: Woojumma~~

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naeun + archery

available postcard for swap :)
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i’m searching for le petit prince, moomin, snoopy & something vintage and cute :)

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Hi Monica! Thanks for following deer-jinwoo(: I'm an Inspirit too~

you’re welcome :D wow! my life isnt so far from infinite things tho,hahaha. nice to meet you!


[OFFICIAL] SHINee have released their new mini album "Everybody (October 14, 2013 - 12:00PM KST)

Here are some photos of the actual

  • Album
  • 64 pages Photobook
  • Photocards (6 types)
  • Bookmarks (5 types)
  • Posters (6 types)


random minseok moments @ idol athletics

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[SELL] K-POP Official Poster & Photocard


- INFINITE [ Infinitize Showcase, Infinite H, Man In Love, Destiny]

- EXO-K [MAMA], EXO [Growl]

- IU [ Real, Last Fantastic]

- B2ST [ Fiction&Fact]

- SHINee [ Lucifer, Sherlock (Minho), Dream Girl, Why So Serious?]

- T-ara [ Vol2. Temptastic, JohnTravoltaWannabe (Roly Poly)]

- B1A4 [ Ignition, Whats Goin On?]

- f(x) [ Pinnochio (Sulli), Hot Summer, E-Shock, E-Shock (Sulli), Pink Tape]

- SM Town [ 2011 Winter SM Town]

- SHINee [ Lucifer (Key), Sherlock (Jonghyun), Dream Girl (Key), Why So Serious? (Onew), Juliette Japan (Key), Lucifer Japan (Taemin), The First Japan (Onew)

- INFINITE [ Man In Love (Woohyun), Destiny (Sungyeol) ]*or trade to Myungsoo*

- EXO [ MAMA (D.O), Growl (Baekhyun)]

- f(x) [ Nu Abo (OT5 Group), Electric Shock (OT5 Group), Pink Tape (Amber)]

- SNSD [ Hoot (Taeyeon)]

- APink [ Secret Garden (Eunji)] *or trade to Naeun*

- Super Junior [ Mr. Simple B (Yesung)]

- B1A4 [ It B1A4 (Gongchan)]

Indonesia Only!

Contact me for price :)

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